Medway Sustainable Development Goals collaboration launch

Staff from the University of Kent, University of Greenwich and Canterbury Christchurch University have been developing a pilot programme of actions to highlight the UN Sustainable Development Goals at the Medway Campus. The initiative launches on the 23rd September and across the new academic term aiming to help our staff and students learn about the SDG’s and connect them to their studies, teaching and research.

The University of Kent has signed an agreement to incorporate the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals into its operations and the teaching curriculum it delivers. The University is working to deliver on goals including ending poverty, promoting gender equality, creating sustainable cities and communities, minimising its impact on the environment and offering inclusive and equitable education opportunities for all.

To launch this collaborative project, we are asking for Medway staff and students to tell us about something they are doing that supports the SDGs. This could be selecting a goal that means the most to you and telling us why, or showcasing something you do whether personally or professionally i.e. your research area, projects you are working on, volunteering activities etc.

You can find out more on our new webpage and take a look at examples of where students and staff have already taken part from across the three Universities.

Alternatively, please email for more information.