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One Hour Degree narrative based adventure game

The One Hour Degree is a narrative based adventure game that simulates all the key elements of gaining a degree at Kent condensed into as little as one hour.

Developed by the Student Success Project, the game is designed to specifically address issues affecting the transition into university, to highlight best practice, allow students to take risks and see what repercussions this has on their results.  As such, it is primarily aimed at students who are about to join or who have recently begun their degree journey at Kent, even though the game is available for anyone to play anywhere.

There are five independent ‘quests’ focused on:

  • Welcome Week
  • the first term
  • the rest of the first year
  • year 2
  • year 3

The game introduces key facilities, support networks and social opportunities that are available at Kent as well as being able to view stunning imagery of our parkland campus.

Players will earn ‘knowledge’ and ‘wellbeing’ points along the way as well as a badge for each completed quest.  Together they will dictate the classification of the ‘degree’ received at the end before you have the opportunity to be part of your very own graduation video!

With more than 100 million unique pathways through the game, players can easily choose a different story path each time to see how different decisions result in different outcomes.

There has been considerable input from around the University including the Library Services team, Student Learning Advisory Service, Careers and Employability Centre, Student Support & Wellbeing and several Academic Advisors.

The game does not require a login or user account and can be played by anyone who has access to a web browser, on any device. Find the link to the game on the Hello Kent and Student Success web pages. Play the One Hour Degree now.