people doing sit ups

Exercise your pains away with free app Injurymap

University of Kent staff and students can now get a year of free access to the physiotherapy app Injurymap. The proven path to reducing muscle and joint pain is through exercise. Injurymap makes it easy to perform the most effective exercises with a personalised training program. The app adapts each exercise to your strengths and weaknesses and provides you with the safest and shortest path to recovery.

We all experience pain in our muscles and joints from time to time, be it back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain or one of the many other areas that can lead to discomfort and impact your quality of life. So just download the app  and experience the benefit of tailored guidance at your fingertips. To conduct some of the exercises referred to by the app visit Kent Sport Physiotherapy Clinic in the Sports Centre to collect your free exercise band.

Injurymap is made available to you through a collaboration between Kent Sport Physiotherapy Clinic, Kent Business School and Injurymap. After creating an account within the app, Injurymap will send you an invitation to join a research project administered by Professor Ben Lowe and Dr Des Laffey from the University of Kent.

Why not book an appointment with Kent Sport Physiotherapy Clinic to compliment your use of Injurymap. For details to our limited time incentive offer please visit or email