Launch of new Wellbeing Zone website and app for Kent staff

From today (Thursday 1 November 2018), all University staff can benefit from accessing a new Wellbeing Zone website and app, specially created for colleagues at Kent.

Go to the new Wellbeing Zone website now to register, take a look and download the app! Register using the code KENT 1, or log-in (top right-hand button) using your Kent sign-in details.

The Wellbeing Zone is a free tool to help you learn more about all aspects of wellbeing and you can use it to better manage your own health and wellbeing.

The Zone features a 12 sector wellbeing assessment and offers advice on how to improve in all these 12 areas. You can make changes and goals and re-assess to follow your progress.

The Zone includes exercise programmes, weight loss advice, recipes and a calorie counter. There are also articles, videos and TED talks on all aspects of wellbeing including mental health, mindfulness and stress reduction.

The Zone has been set up and will be maintained by external specialists, Revitalised, whose other clients include Royal Mail, the MoD and Virgincare.

All the information you enter into the Wellbeing Zone is totally confidential and not accessible to any University department or individual.  Revitalised provide quarterly anonymised usage statistics to Occupational Health and Student Support & Wellbeing (SSW); SSW have provided the Wellbeing Zone for students for many years and it is now available as a sister site for staff.