Online Module Registration: Which modules will you choose?

Update – deadline extended to 29 March 2016.


From 14 – 25 March 2016, if you’re a stage one or two student, you will need to choose the modules you will study in 2016-17.

You may choose your modules through SDS. You’ll be emailed with information about what you need to do!

Guidance is available at the Online Module Registration (OMR) webpage. Sciences students should check your programme information with your School.

You must choose your modules from 14 – 29 March as there will be no further opportunity to make selections until September 2016.

Why do I need to choose so early?

There are over 1500 modules available to students across three faculties which need to be allocated tutors, teaching rooms and timetables.

A few modules have to be restricted in number, especially if they need specialist equipment or to use a particular room/space. Where these modules are oversubscribed they are subject to random allocation to ensure you are given equal chance of taking the module. This takes place after you have chosen your modules so you have to be in it to be included.

Even if you’re not taking one of these restricted modules you still need to choose during the OMR process so that planning can go ahead. This gives us time to check that you’re meeting the requirements of your programme, allows schools to cancel modules which aren’t popular or draft in more teaching staff for over-subscribed modules and helps timetabling to prevent clashes between key modules.

If you picked modules last year you can use this opportunity to change your choices if you want to. You may find that your programme requirements look a bit different this year as we’ve tried to make things simpler and easier to understand. The module catalogue has also been improved. You can research module information at the module catalogue.