Testing a new look for online news

A new website theme for Kent is being developed, starting with the launch of a beta version of our News Centre: http://beta.kent.ac.uk/news/

The ‘beta’ site is a public space where we’re testing new designs, so that we can try different concepts out.

It isn’t complete and might not always work as intended. We welcome any and all feedback – there’s a feedback tab on the right-hand side of every page.

The new theme will be optimised to promote the distinctive Kent brand on many different screen sizes and web-connected devices.

Information Services have been working with colleagues across the University to develop this beta site. We’re regularly testing out new design ideas with students too.

Through our newsletter, we’ll be inviting all staff to try out and feed back on each new area as it becomes available.

We’ll be sending a redesigned version of the homepage soon – so stay tuned!

Information Services