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Congratulations to Julie Anderson, recipient of the Jinty Nelson Award for Inspirational Teaching & Supervision in History 2018

Dr Julie Anderson (Reader in History, University of Kent) has recently been awarded the Jinty Nelson Award for Inspirational Teaching and Supervision in History 2018. The Graduate School would like to congratulate Julie on her incredible contribution to the research, teaching and student experience culture at the University of Kent.

‘Dr Anderson is an outstanding undergraduate teacher of history and a creative and highly effective supervisor of postgraduate historians in her field. Her enthusiasm for her subject is clearly infectious, and she has inspired a whole cohort of students to work with her, studying the history of modern medicine and disabilities in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The panel particularly liked the way she breaks down the daunting task of completing a doctorate into manageable steps or ‘milestones’, building both students’ confidence and their theoretical and transferable skills. Thus, her PhD students are encouraged to maintain a clear schedule for researching and writing the thesis, but also to publish a book review, give conference presentations each year, submit an article for publication in year two, undertake placements and outreach activities outside academia, and train to teach undergraduates. The collaborative and supportive atmosphere she has established – combined with her sensitivity to the mental and emotional struggles of postgraduate work – is much appreciated by her students and colleagues and will be an inspiration to others. In sum, her work provides a template of excellent supervision and teaching.’ (Judges’ citation)