Postgraduate Study Hub – Senate

The Postgraduate Study Hub, located in the Senate Building at Canterbury, is a quiet study space exclusively for postgraduate use. There are 39 PCs available including 6 individual carrels and 2 double carrels for collaboration work. The Postgraduate Study Hub is open 24/7 and accessible by using your KentOne card.

Opening Hours

Open 24 hours a day for all postgraduate students – scan your KentOne card to gain entry. Between the hours of 18:00 – 08:00 you will need to scan your KentOne card at the main doors to gain access to the building.


39 PCs
Desks with power points for working on your own laptop, and relaxed seating in the Lounge
Kitchen with fridge and microwave
Wheelchair accessible – It is accessible for wheelchair users via a ramp at the main doors and a lift located in the foyer.


Our Estates cleaning team will access the hub daily between the hours of 18:00 – 22:00. Please note that the cleaning team will vacuum and clean all areas of the hub regularly therefore there may be some disruption during this time. Please tidy the workstation before you leave and take all your belongings with you. We ask that you keep the kitchen clean and tidy and ensure that all out of date food is thrown in the bins provided.

The Rules!

  • Respect the Senate building, facilities and the people in it.
  • Carry your KentOne card at all times to gain access in and out of the hub.
  • Look after your own personal property. Unattended items will be removed by Graduate and Researcher College members of staff.
  • Keep your devices silent; don’t let your headphones disturb others.
  • Don’t reserve seats or PCs for others.
  • Do not eat hot food in the study area.
  • Tidy the workspace and log out of the PC before you leave.
  • Take regular breaks in the lounge area.
  • No sleeping in the Senate building.
  • Please do not wedge fire doors open.

There are 6 individual carrel spaces and 2 double carrel spaces located in the main study area. These are to be used on a first come first served basis. Once you have finished working in the carrel please take all your belongings with you.

Day Lockers  
Lockers are available on a daily basis.
You must clear your locker when you leave the Postgraduate Study Hub every day.
The Graduate and Researcher College assumes no responsibility for items inside.
Do not leave food/perishables in a locker.
If you have a problem accessing a locker please contact the Templeman Library on 01227 824888.

Study Area 
The main study area has 39 PCs. The two desks on the wall to the left, as you come through the entrance of the study area from the lounge, are height adjustable tables.
A printer is located in the study area. The printer is set up to only print A4 double-sided mono. It will not print straight away; you have to go to the printer and release your printing within 24 hours by using your KentOne Card.  Please visit IT Services for more information about Printing Services.
During the night, Campus Security will routinely check the Senate building. Cleaners will have access between the hours of 18.00 – 22.00.

The Lounge 
This area is a comfortable space for you to take a break from your PC.
Food can be consumed here, we ask that you do not take hot food and drinks into the main study area.
Please use available bins in the lounge and kitchen area. Keep all areas clean and tidy.
Please respect those working in the study area as sound from the lounge will travel.

The Kitchen
The kitchen located on the first floor is exclusively for postgraduate use. We ask that you respect other students and keep the kitchen clean and tidy.
You will have access to a fridge. Please only store items of food for the duration of your time in the study hub. The fridge will be checked regularly.
Any out of date food will be placed in the bin.
The microwave must be kept clean.

Any problems please contact the Graduate and Researcher College.

Find a Free PC


IT and Printer Support:
01227 82(4999)

Report an IT Fault:
01227 82(4999)

Security and Estates:
In case of an emergency: 01227 82(3333)
Enquiries: 01227 82(3300)

Senate Maintenance (Heating, lighting etc.):
Estates Customer Service
01227 8(16666)

01227 824888