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Stay Safe on and off campus

How To Stay Safe On And Off Campus

Your safety on and off campus means a lot to us and we have a few tools that can help to keep you secure and safe.

Personal alarm

A personal alarm is a small hand-held electronic device that can release siren-like alarming sound when activated. It is used to attract attention in order to scare off an assailant. 


This is a plastic “use once only” stopper that fits in the top of a bottle and prevent anything being added to your drink without your knowledge. It is manufactured from 100% recyclable HDPE.

Purse Bell

Officially known as Purse Dipping Bells, this item keeps your valuables secure, whilst also raising awareness on pickpocketing and bag dipping. The pair of bells hang from a G-clip that can be attached to purses, wallets, bags or other valuable items. If a thief attempts to remove the item, or if the item is dropped, the bells will jingle and alert the owner.

Canterbury students can collect these items from the Campus Security Office at any time of day or night. The Campus Security Office is part of the banking hall between Marlowe and Grimond.

Medway students can collect all items from the reception of the Medway Building any time from 9.00-17.00, Monday to Friday.

They are available from reception, subject to stock levels.

SafeZone App

Make sure you have downloaded the free SafeZone app gives you quick access to emergency services, first aid and the University.