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Student Activities you can get involved with in 2021

The beginning of 2021 has brought a rather different experience for many University students than the usual start of term, with many working from home and isolating. However, no matter how different, it is still vitally important to socialise in a safe way and to stay active!

A great way to keep connected with your peers is through student groups and the great activities they have to offer, even in lockdown. Whether you want to become more active or make new friends, there will be a group perfect for you. You can still get involved with many of Kent’s student groups, with most running online events to keep students busy.

Getting Active

Many student groups are continuing to support students in getting active whilst they’re at home and away from campus. Here are a few great ways they are ensuring that you can stay active and involved!

  • Yoga SocietyThis term the Yoga Society are running classes over Zoom, with a free taster class on the 6th of February for non-members. It’s a great way to get active, but also a good way to focus on your wellbeing and mental health.
  • Kent Pole FitnessTo keep you active, Kent Pole Fitness is running strength and flex classes on Instagram Live. They will also be running yoga and other workshops on Zoom soon!
  • Kent DanceThis term, Kent Dance is running weekly virtual dance classes in a range of styles, so you can do a class in a style you’re familiar with or try something completely new! They are also holding virtual fitness and technique workshops, and all classes are over Instagram Live, so you don’t even have to have your camera on. Next week, they will be running a Contemporary class to Lo Vas A Olvidar, and the week after there’s a Jazz class to Big Spender!

Great for socialising

Another important aspect a lot of our student groups are keen to help out with is ensuring students get to socialise! Although virtual, it’s a great way to keep in touch with like-minded people and make new friends.

  • Business SocietyThis term, they are hosting a variety of online events, including challenges and quizzes for members to take part in and the chance to win prizes.
  • Marketing SocietyThe Marketing Society will be running online socials ranging from quizzes to online games. Some previous socials included playing games like Pictionary and Cards Against Humanity. Also, you can keep up with what’s going on through their Instagram page, where they post lots of interactive Instagram Stories so that members can stay involved in the society.
  • Women’s LacrosseFor members, they are holding fun Zoom socials, where freshers can get a chance to meet and speak to other members. Hopefully, they will be able to also start hosting sports classes soon!
  • Canterbury Homeless OutreachIf you’re looking for a chance to volunteer, Canterbury Homeless Outreach are running outreaches to support the vulnerable homeless community. These outreaches are hosted a few times a week. Also, the society is organising a Shoebox event, and hopes to hold an online social this term over Microsoft Teams.
  • Vegan SocietyOn the 5th, the Vegan Society will be hosting a social event in partnership with Amnesty International Society. They also have other events lined up for the rest of term which would be great to get involved with if you want to socialise!
  • Religious Studies SocietyTo help you socialise during lockdown, the Religious Studies Society is holding socials on Wednesdays, with an upcoming crafting event for members.
  • Books2AfricaIn the next few weeks, this society will be hosting some online events for their volunteers to socialise. Their members are still able to volunteer in the warehouse, however at reduced numbers. They are looking for more volunteers, so if you’re interested in expanding your volunteering experience and meeting new people, this could be the perfect society for you!

Educational Events

Many academic groups are still working hard throughout lockdown to ensure students have lots of extra opportunities to advance their education and career prospects. There are plenty of interesting online events running which are great not only to keep you occupied, but also to enhance your CV!

  • Kent Law Temple SocietyHolding regular events with guest speakers, focusing on different aspects of a career at the bar. Their first session of the term takes place on the 4th of February at 6pm. They are also launching an advocacy skills course and competition!
  • Kent InvestEver wanted to learn more about investing and financial services? Kent Invest is holding weekly sessions to teach members about financial markets. On the 2nd of March, they have an event running with guest speaker Jim Leaviss, “Britain’s best-known bond investor”.
  • Kent Critical Law SocietyEvents are open to all students at Kent, not just society members! Upcoming events include an exclusive M&A masterclass with BCLP on the 10th February, and a Critical Law Conference on ‘Rhythms of Law’ on the 13th March.
  • Kent Art Law SocietyAlongside the Afro-Diasporic Legal Network, this society will be holding a Digital Art Exhibition, as well as a ‘Lockdown Art Competition’ with the Therapeutic Art Society.
  • EconomicsEvery Tuesday from 6-7, the Economics Society is holding events! They have a careers event coming up soon which will help students with making the most out of University and building portfolios. They also run debates and games nights which are great for socialising in lockdown!
  • Kent P.O.C.A.S (People Of Colour Arts Society)This society is continuing to run workshops and events online catered towards building your skills. Some notable events include their weekly Creative Writing & Poetry session, and a meeting on the 9th of February to discuss Queer Representation in TV & Film.
  • Physics (PhySoc)PhySoc are holding a big online panel on Quantum Physics on the 9th of February, and have more talks to follow. Also, they will be hosting some chilled out socials soon!

Check out the Kent Union website for more ways to get involved. It’s not too late to sign up!

Multicoloured pencils joined to make a circle

Upcoming Study Plus events this week

Here are some Study Plus events coming up this week. Courses are free to students registered on an existing Kent programme of study.

Mentoring by Kasia Senyszyn 10am – 11am Monday 8th February

Being a mentor helps you to develop leadership, communication, and organisational skills, as well as giving you the opportunity to advise others and share your expertise. This session will explore what it takes to be a mentor and how to improve your skills and experience. You will also learn how to support different people and develop your communication skills.

Understanding unconscious bias at work by Sal Pearman 2pm – 4.30pm Monday 8th February

In the session we will look at:

  • What is unconscious bias?
  • Understanding unconscious bias: the key principles and concepts
  • Micro behaviours: assumptions, affirmations and aggressions
  • Practical steps to mitigate against unconscious bias

Personal Presence and Impact by Ali Whelan 11am – 12pm Wednesday 10th February

To introduce the concept of positive personal presence and impact and how it can benefit career development. Students will come away;

  • Understanding what we mean by personal presence and impact
  • Knowing how to create a positive presence
  • Understanding the role of authenticity for positive impact
  • Recognising how personal presence and impact affects leadership potential

How to think like a Recruiter by Annie Gainsborough 1pm – 3pm Thursday 11th February

You can expect a complete breakdown of popular recruitment processes and how to succeed in them. Across the two hours, we combine our top tips of the trade with short activities. These include analysing job descriptions, playing the recruitment ‘game’, and improving how to articulate your top skills during an interview process.

Project management by Anne Marie Baker 10am -11.30am Friday 12th February

Projects are happening all around us and in the workplace, it is likely that you will find yourself either involved in a project or managing one. The aim of this course is to share some tools and approaches that will help you set-up and deliver your project successfully. Delivered online by an experienced project manager you will hear about real-life projects and what to do when things don’t quite go to plan. There will be opportunities to input into the course but this will be entirely optional.

Working in a Team By Kate Gardner 1.30pm – 3pm Friday 12th February

By the end of the session you will have:

  • Identified the characteristics of a great team
  • Explored the stages in team formation
  • Examined the roles people play in teams
  • Looked at things to do to encourage team performance
Awards ceremony

Freshfields Stephen Lawrence Scholarship Scheme

Since 2013 Freshfields, the international renowned Law firm, has provided the Stephen Lawrence Scholarship scheme to a handful of students each year. The aim of the scheme is to address the under-representation of black males in city careers and it provides mentoring opportunities, access to work experience, and a bursary to each cohort.

The University of Kent is privileged to take part in the scheme as a pilot university meaning we can submit applications for both Law and non Law students. Year on year, Kent has secured places for our students on the scheme. For 2020, following many covid delays, the Work-Study scheme is delighted to announce that we have yet again had two successful students awarded scholarships. A total of 68 students from universities all around the UK attended assessment centres both virtually and in person. 13 scholars were chosen, 9 Law students and 4 non Law students. Theo and Alex from Kent secured two of those four places maintaining Kent’s success with this programme. After a delayed start, Theo and Alex are now well into the swing of the programme.

Applications for the 2021 programme open imminently and the Work-Study team in partnership with Sheree Palmer look forward to helping to the next generation of Freshfields scholars.


Regular testing for Covid-19

Taking part in regular testing is an essential part of the Government’s strategy to combat the spread of Coronavirus.

If you are not displaying symptoms of Covid-19

If you are currently living on campus or accessing campus facilities having followed the latest Government guidance and are Covid-19 symptom-free, it is very important that you get tested regularly.

Canterbury campus

  • We can now provide 2 tests per week at our Asymptomatic Testing Site on the Canterbury campus up until at least 15 February 2021 for any students who need to be on site and are not experiencing symptoms of Covid-19.

Medway campus

Alternatively, you can also choose to access any of the regional community testing facilities, whichever is nearest to where you are living. Lists of community testing facilities are available on the Kent County Council and Medway Council

For those of you living away from the University at the moment, please refer to your local or national government websites for information about Covid-19 testing in your area.

Please remember – even if you receive a negative test result following a Covid-19 test, you must still adhere to the national lockdown restrictions and continue to follow all advice concerning Hands, Face, Space.   

If you are displaying symptoms of Covid-19

If you do display any symptoms that could indicate Covid-19, self-isolate immediately, get a PCR test at a local testing site, and let the right people know.

Please read our procedure if experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 or have been advised to self-isolate. There is a local testing site on the Canterbury campus in Rutherford College car park.

We know that this is a worrying time, and we are here to support and advise you wherever you may be. If you have any concerns or queries, please check our Student Coronavirus webpages or email and we will respond as soon as possible.

Fun things to do with your housemates

This year has certainly been challenging and we have all needed to adapt and change the things we do in our daily lives. Staying indoors doesn’t mean your social life will need to suffer, especially during your first year at University. Even if you’re staying in there are still many fun things you can do with your housemates. Check out some of our suggestions below.

Host a games night

This is one that’s great to involve friends from home. Why not have a virtual party and host a games night via Zoom where you can stay connected without leaving the house. A great one that’s quick to get the hang of, without needing to download anything (and free!) is This is a Pictionary game where you can have multiple players online taking turns drawing and guessing each other’s creations. No artistic skills required! If you like board games, is also worth looking into. This is an adaptation of Settlers of Catan, a multi-player resource-based strategy game. There are plenty of other free games available online, so it’s worth looking into.  

Subscribe to a streaming service

Stay in and have a movie night on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and or Disney+. From Marvel to Pixar there’s something for everyone. Netflix Party also means you can watch with your friends online and without being in the same household, again great to connect with friends back home. As a student, you can also sign-up for a free six month trial of Amazon Prime.

Celebrity bake-off

Become a star baker from the comfort of your own home. Challenge yourselves in creating your very own showstopper by either using your own creative flair or by following family favourite recipes online.  If you’re in self-catered accommodation you’ll have access to a modern kitchen. Even if you’re in part-catered accommodation you don’t have to miss out on the fun. Why not try making a microwave cake for a quick chocolate treat?

Do a home workout

If you’re just starting out, looking to improving your fitness as part of a new year resolution and needing that extra bit of motivation to go to the gym… why not bring the gym to you? There’s no better time to give a home workout a go. With exercises easily adaptable to individual needs there’s something for everyone. You won’t need to pay for membership or own specialist gym equipment, making it a very student budget friendly option. You can even use household items as weights, from a bag of pasta to a can of baked beans.

Don’t forget if you’re a first year student living on campus, you have access to free Kent Sport gym membership.

Virtual pub quiz

Challenge each other’s general knowledge with a quiz! Take turns in being quiz master, writing the questions while the rest of you participate by answering them. Or you can use one of the many quizzes available online. If there’s enough of you in your shared house or online group why not have teams and a different theme each round? It’s also a great way to learn new facts which may come in handy in future pub quizzes at Woody’s!

Struggling to get on with your housemates?

Living somewhere new, with new housemates can be overwhelming and it can take time to adjust. If you are finding it difficult living with your new housemates, check out our advice online.

If you are missing home or need some extra support, our Student Support and Wellbeing Team are always on hand to help!

Things to do if you’re at Canterbury

Welcome to the Canterbury campus! If you’re new to the area take a look at some ideas below on some of our ideas of places you can visit and activities you can do. Please remember to follow the Government coronavirus advice and that certain attractions or services may be closed or operating differently due to the pandemic. Make sure to check in advance.

Canterbury Cathedral

One of the most iconic buildings of Canterbury is the Cathedral. Dating back to 597, it is the oldest and most famous Christian structures in England. Guided tours are currently unavailable due to COVID-19 but you can download a free guide to your phone to use to enjoy and understand the spaces within the Cathedral and it’ll take a few hours to explore. There is a small entry charge, but if you bring your Kent-One card along you’ll get in free. If you’re going with a group you need to pre-book online. 

You’ll enter through the doorway to enter the Nave, a truly stunning experience. Further in you have to chance to explore the Crypt, the oldest part of the Cathedral, containing smaller Chapels. As you come back up the stairs it will lead you to the Martyrdom where the exact spot the archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered in 1170, is marked. As you go further up the stairs, turn around to admire the view of the Nave (and don’t forget to look up!) Take the moment to enjoy the beautiful stained glass depicting inspirational stories of men and women. It is one of England’s largest collections of early medieval stained glass. There is also an Archives and Library, which holds an impressive collection of manuscripts, historic records, photographs, maps, and printed books all dating back to the late 8th century. If you choose to visit this area, you’ll need to pre-book your visit and pre-order your study materials ahead of time.

Make sure to check out outdoor spaces in the Precincts as you leave and there are also ruins of St Augustine’s Abbey and St Martin’s Church to explore too!

Westgate Gardens

The Gardens are part of Westgate Park which includes lots of outdoor open spaces including Toddlers Cove and Bingley Island. It’s a lovely area for a walk, cycling and there is a children’s play area. In the Spring and Summer months, there are hundreds of bright tulips in full bloom on the flowerbeds alongside the river where you can watch passing boats, ducks, moorhens, and pigeons. Just take a right when you are at Westgate Towers (you won’t be able to miss the entrance) for a peaceful escape!

Cycle Ride

If you’re looking for a challenge you can undertake your own Pilgrim’s Progress on a 50-mile circular ride that links Canterbury, Dover, and Folkestone. The route passes along leafy lanes and bridleways amid rolling hills, wide skies, woodland, country villages, and hamlets.

For those who are looking for a more casual cycle route take a look at the Crab and Winkle Way which links Canterbury to Whitstable. It’s suitable for beginners and families. The route goes from Canterbury West, but you can easily join the route if you’re on campus. It takes you all the way into Whitstable, which in itself is a great day out. Enjoy some fish and chips on the beach and explore the restaurants and shops along the Harbour.

Unfortunately, the Cycle Hub on campus is currently closed, once it is reopened you can hire a bike for the day if you don’t have one yourself. It’s located at the Pavilion in Parkwood.

Brogdale Farm Orchard Walks

For anyone seeking to escape the house or office for some fresh air and gorgeous countryside, the Orchard Walks at Brogdale Collections are an ideal option. Brogdale Collections, based near Faversham, hosts the country’s National Fruit Collections and is home to the largest collection of temperate fruit in the world.  The charity has opened its beautiful orchards and operating self-guided walks so visitors can enjoy the hundreds of fruit trees.

Walking on the White Cliffs of Dover

The White Cliffs of Dover are perhaps most famous as an iconic landmark, the white chalk face a symbol of home and wartime defence, but they have so much more to offer; stunning views, a serene walk, a wealth of wildlife, an abundance of history and, most importantly, two tea rooms offering delicious treats. It’s a short train or bus journey away.


Entrance to the Drill Hall Library in the sunshine

Things to do if you’re at Medway

Welcome to the Medway campus! If you’re new to the area take a look at some ideas below on some of our ideas of places you can visit and activities you can do. Please remember to follow the Government coronavirus advice and that certain attractions or services may be closed or operating differently due to the pandemic. Make sure to check in advance.

Rochester High Street

As well as the beautiful Rochester Cathedral and Castle, there is also the High Street, home to boutiques, independent shops, and trendy café culture. The Medway Visitor Information Centre is a good first stop to make to pick up a map of the area. On the first floor, there is also an art gallery and a museum.

Explore the city, have a wander, and admire the many historical buildings in the area that featured in Charles Dickens’ novels! Some of these include Restoration House, from ‘Great Expectations’ and the extra Christmas number, the Six Poor Travellers House, located just by the train station. You can pick up a self-guided walking tour at the Information Centre which takes you around all the buildings he wrote about.

The Historic Dockyard Chatham

This is Chatham’s holy grail and steeped in history. The Crown and Call the Midwife have been filmed here along with many films. A visit here will ensure you return to the ‘Age of Sail’ when the Dockyard built mighty ships that mastered the world’s oceans. Test your sea legs as you peer through the periscope of HMS Ocelot, a Cold War Submarine; take charge on the bridge of HMS Cavalier, a Second World War Destroyer; and ring the ship’s bell on the deck of HMS Gannet, our Victorian Sloop. Watch our Master Ropemakers at work using centuries-old techniques on in our Victorian Ropery. It’s a beautiful day out and a must-see if you’re at Medway.  

Bluewater Shopping Centre

If you’re looking to do some shopping, look no further! Bluewater is home to 300 shops and 50 bars, restaurants, café, and thousands of free parking spaces. Different sections of the shopping centre are dedicated to different themes, from classic and high fashion retail in ‘The Guildhall’ to ‘The Plaza’ where there is a cinema and a trampoline park. You can get there easily by public transport, otherwise it’s a short 30-minute car ride away.

Fort Amherst

Dating back to 1756, its purpose was defending the Naval Dockyard from attack. A site full of history, it’s free to visit and family-friendly. There are over 20 acres of land to explore, fortifications to navigate, cannons to spot, and bridges to cross. Take a tunnel tour to explore the underground maze which provided shelter from bombardment, storage of ammunition, and secret access to the Fort. Some say they can even feel a ghostly presence of those from the past…

Riverside Country Park

If you’re looking for a scenic countryside walk, run or cycle this park is perfect. It runs alongside the Medway Estuary and includes the Berengrave Local Nature Reserve. Boasting 247 acres of land it’s full of wildlife and is a protected site, being an especially important area for birds. There’s something for everyone, with picnic facilities, a children’s play area and cycle paths, trails, and a café. If you like the outdoors, check out The Strand, St Mary’s Island, and the Great Lines Heritage Park.


For something a little bit different there is a theme park where those of all ages can drive and operate full-size real diggers, dumper, and other construction machinery. It has over 20 different rides and activities including Go-Karts and Dodgems so it’s definitely a unique day out! There are also restaurants and a cinema in the area so there’s something for everyone. Diggerland is great for small groups so why not go along with your new housemates?

Useful apps for you to download

Here are some useful apps, services and social media channels to download, use and follow as you start your studies at Kent. From getting around to helping you study smarter, here are a few of our suggestions!

Join the conversation 

If you haven’t already make sure you’re a member of the Official University of Kent Freshers 2020/21 Facebook page. This is the only official group where you can interact and discuss with fellow students also starting at Kent this academic year. A great place to find your housemates and fellow coursemates!

Follow the University of Kent on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for news, events, and important announcements to the local community and beyond.

Apps to download

Hello Kent app – This will hold all the information you need about becoming a student at Kent – a must have! It has quick links to key services such as your Kent email and Moodle as well as other useful features.

Safezone – This is the campus safety app which gives round-the-clock safety reassurance to all students and staff. It’s free to download and easy to use. You can access first-aid, security, or safety assistance via your phone.

Inform Kent (InK) – Everyone should feel secure at Kent—we’re here to support you. InK is an online reporting tool that helps record details of incidents such as sexual assault, harassment, relationship abuse, or hate crime. Find out more about the services available with Student Support.

Bus apps – These apps have a journey planner, live bus information (in real time) and you can even purchase mobile bus tickets at discounted prices. For Canterbury students, download Stagecoach. For Medway students, download Arriva. Find out more about travel and discount offers available to students.

Train apps – Southeastern. The ‘on Track’ app helps you access (also) real-time information on trains in Kent. Especially helpful if you’re looking to travel to London from Canterbury West and want to find out when the next train is! There is also National Rail Enquiries which provides information on trains for the whole of the UK if you are travelling outside of Kent.

Taxi apps – Only a few of the companies have an app some of which include: Longley’s Private Hire (Canterbury), Computer Cabs (Medway), and Vokes Taxi (Medway). You can find more information about booking a taxi in the UK and the full list of the services the University of Kent uses.

Circuit – This is the campus laundry service app. All launderettes on campus are card or app operated so if you need to do a wash, make sure you familiarise yourself with the app ahead of time. Find out more about laundry services on campus.

Headspace – an app for meditation and mindfulness. It has themed sessions from stress, sleep to helping you focus and ultimately relieve anxiety (something that you may find helpful during this pandemic).

MOSAIC – This app brings together a collection of short videos for new, returning and final year students. Videos include advice from both staff and students about support available at the University of Kent.

If you have feedback or would like to contribute to the app, please email

Other things to look at 

Try out Kent’s very own One Hour Degree game. This app gives you some tips on being a student at the University. The story line was however written before COVID-19, so things like social distancing and online lectures haven’t been taken into account. It’s still a valuable resource as it’ll help you get a feel of the vast array of support and advice available to you at Kent that you can still access and it’s something that has not changed.

Check out this website of Productivity tools. Who doesn’t want to work and study smarter? Make sure to check out the full list of apps and software that the University of Kent has reviewed for staff and students to help you make the most out of your time at Kent. From helping you stay focused to supporting accessibility needs, we’d highly recommend you have a browse.

For student discounts check out Unidays. From discounts on food and drink to clothes to technology it’s a must to check out!

Our last piece of advice is to be careful when sharing your personal information online and #StaySafe! Be aware of any unofficial organisations that pretend to be representing the University of Kent

These are just a few suggestions and do not cover the full list of all the apps, services, and social media channels you should use during your time here at the University of Kent. We hope however that this will help get you started in making the most out of your time here at Kent! Happy browsing!

Nominate yourself to run in the Student Networks election!

It’s that time of year! Kent Student Union are now open for nominations and elections to their Student Networks!

Student Networks are student-led spaces where students who share an interest or identity can discuss issues relating to their group, and collectively work on events and campaigns to build a community of students and make change to your student experience and beyond. Networks exist to represent and act as the voice for all defining students, to feedback key issues that affect their student experience to both the University and Kent Union, and to lead campaigns to affect positive change for students at Kent and beyond.  

Students can get involved with running this student network, by standing in this election to become part of this student network team.

Each network is led by a team of up to five elected students, with a designated chair who is a member of the Union Executive Committee.  

If you are interested in running for the network teams then you can nominate yourself here.

Two green Unibuses lined up together

Commuting to campus

The new academic year has started and here are some tips on what to expect from the Transport Team around changes to travelling to, from and around our campuses to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Plan your journey 

We recommend you plan for all your journeys (including your return one) before you leave home. Be prepared to carry a face covering and hand sanitiser for use in line with the Government, University of Kent guidance, and travel providers restrictions. Where possible pay contactless or purchase tickets online and maintain social distancing. Here are some useful links to help you plan ahead.

Walking and cycling

Alongside the Government safer travel guidance, we are encouraging all staff and students to walk and cycle to and from our campuses where reasonably possible.

Please be aware and consider others when using our cycle parking bays to maintain social distancing. When more people return to campus, restrictions may be put in place.

Campus roads and car parks 

When using our car parks, be aware and check your surroundings for others before entering and exiting your vehicle, maintain social distancing, and sanitise your hands frequently. Parking permits are still required to use our car parks on weekdays 8am – 5pm, with parking enforcement still in operation. Restrictions remain in place for students.

There may also be some disruption as car parks are currently being used to assist in COVID-19 Testing.  To keep updated with car park updates visit

Campus shuttle 

Shuttle services will resume on the 19th of September and will be operating at 50% capacity. Face coverings will be required and booking your seat is essential.  The driver will not be able to accept any passengers unless they have booked a seat.  Bookings can be made up to 30 minutes before departure.  Please ensure you cancel your seat if you have made a booking and no longer require your seat to allow someone else to travel.

Buses and coaches

These are currently operating at approximately 50% capacity. Keep in mind you may not always be able to board the service you intend to catch because of this reduced capacity. You might need to wait for the next bus or coach. Remember to maintain social distancing whilst queuing, unless you are travelling with someone in your social bubble. Allow room for passengers to disembark and walk away from the bus. If you intend to pay by cash, check with the travel company to ensure that they are accepting cash. You are required to wear a face covering when travelling on buses.

You can read more about travelling by bus on the Stagecoach COVID-19 page.


Southeastern trains are currently operating at 80% capacity. You are required to wear a face covering when travelling on the train and within the stations.

You can read more about travelling by train on the Southeastern COVID-19 page.

Eurostar, ferries, and flights 

For other modes of transport, makes sure you are aware of what is expected. This may include requirements of the Ferry company you are using, the associated Ports, the plane company you are with, and, or airport you are travelling to and from. Travel restrictions may also be in place so make sure you plan your journey before you travel.

You can read more on the Eurostar service information page.

Please remember to follow the Government requirements at all times. Stay alert, travel safely, and social distance. Keep updated and be aware of any changes using the COVID-19 Transport page.