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Preparing for final year exams

Exams can take many shapes and forms, but one thing they all have in common is that they make a lot of people anxious. Fear of the unknown, poor preparation, lack of confidence in your abilities in the exam room are all causes of stress. The Student Learning Advisory Service (SLAS) has produced guidance including SkillsBuilder videos around exams that will help you manage those anxieties.

It’s a good idea to start your revision as early as possible. Here are a few other stress-busting tips:

Eliminate the unknown: Find out about the exams you are taking, when, where and how will they take place, and what modules and topics they will cover. If you are unclear, ask your module convenor for more information. You’ll feel better for knowing, and be able to organise your revision effectively.

Plan your revision: Work out which modules and topics you need to revise most. Using a calendar or term-planner, create a revision schedule so that you revise each topic efficiently in time for the relevant exam.

Test and practise: As you revise, test yourself to see what you know and what you still need to remember. Sitting an exam is a form of performance, so rehearse, by practising answering questions under timed conditions using past papers.

SLAS can offer advice on these and many other aspects of exams – just book an appointment with one of our advisers.

There are also plenty of events to help you get exam ready. And keep an eye out for any subject specific exam guidance events from your School.

See our exams webpages for full information including FAQs, events and support.