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Introducing LGBT+ History Month 2024

What is LGBT+ History Month? 

LGBT+ History Month takes place every February in the UK and is a month-long celebration of LGBTQIA+ identity and observance of the injustices and discrimination faced by the community in the past, and faced by many still to this day. LGBTQIA+ people have the right to live their lives as their true, authentic selves free of fear, discrimination or harassment and one of the goals of LGBT+ History Month is to move us as a culture towards a society that is kinder and fairer to LGBTQIA+ people. 

The 2024 theme is Medicine – #UnderTheScope and it celebrates LGBTQIA+ peoples’ contribution to the field of Medicine and Healthcare both historically and today. 

This year, LGBT+ History Month wants to showcase the amazing work of LGBT+ staff across the NHS and in other healthcare settings, in providing healthcare, especially during the pandemic. The Month also aims to shine a light on the history of the LGBTQIA+ community’s experience of receiving healthcare, which has been extremely complicated and leaves LGBTQIA+ people still facing health inequalities even today.  

What’s on at Kent 

At Kent, LGBT+ History Month is organised by the University of Kent, Kent Union and the Students’ Unions at Medway. Events are open for staff and students and the vast majority are free. See all LGBT+ History Month events

Key events include: 

The LGBTQ+ In Lockdown Exhibition, available to view in the KMMS Pears Building showcasing the experiences of LGBTQIA+ students during the Covid pandemic, the LGBTQ+ In Lockdown exhibition is a powerful reflection on identity, isolation and time experienced by so many LGBTQIA+ people during the pandemic. 

There is an LGBTQIA+ Careers Fair at Medway where you can meet employers from 20+ Stalls from Stonewall accredited organisations to showcase their work, their EDI commitment and any placements or roles they have currently. 

There are loads of Give it A Go and crafting activities taking place at both the Canterbury and Medway sites; from friendship bracelet making to flag making and pronoun badge making. Check the website for dates and times. 

Loughborough academic Dr Jo Harper will be giving a talk about her research into the impact of testosterone in sports and the culture, attitudes and barriers for transgender athletes. 

There are film screenings at the Gulbenkian Cinema for Femme and All Of Us Strangers and loads of fun craft activities that celebrate LGBTQIA+ identity. 

What support is available to me? 

  • We have a large number of resources available to support LGBTQIA+ students at Kent and can signpost to external resources. 
  • Kent Union run the LGBTQIA+ Network to act as a voice for LGBTQIA+ students. 
  • The University has the LGBTQ+ Staff Network, open to any staff member who identifies as LGBTQIA+. The Network hold regular social activities for members and Allies. 
  • The University runs a Gender Affirmation Fund for students who identify as trans, non-binary or gender queer. 
  • The University has an Inclusive Language Guide to help support staff and students in developing their Inclusive Language skills. Keep a look out for a future blog post in LGBT+ History Month with more information. 
  • The Canterbury Trans Network runs a bi-monthly social on campus 
  • The Kent Union LGBT+ History Month webpages feature a Curiosity Hub, designed to display dozens of films, books, podcasts, celebrities and more  – all handpicked by staff and students at Kent, with each recommendation relating to LGBT+ History Month and Pride. There are even hand-out resources as well as links to the various schemes that are available to support LGBTQIA+ students at Kent. 

What do I do if I have experienced prejudice or discrimination? 

We are committed to ensuring that all students and staff are supported at Kent and can study and work to their fullest potential. We also take discrimination, harassment and bullying extremely seriously. If you feel that you have been subjected to any form of bullying or discrimination due to your LGBTQIA+ identity, please do report it via the Report and Support tool. This will trigger an investigation and support for you, although you can do report anonymously if you prefer.  

Look out for more blog posts and information over the course of the month, and we hope you enjoy LGBT+ History Month. 

What do I do if I want more information? 

If you have any comments or feedback about this month’s activity, or any other History Month or equality, diversity or inclusion related activity, please do email