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Events roundup: 29 January – 4 February

Find out what’s on this week. Plus, LGBT+ History Month kicks off later this week! Look out for the Pride flags on campus as well as lots of events throughout the month.

Following Holocaust Memorial Day at the weekend, there is an exhibition in the Library Cafe, running until Sunday 4 February. The exhibition is organised by the Union of Jewish Students to mark Holocaust Memorial Day in a meaningful way. 

Monday 29 January: Free covid and flu vaccines and CV help

Do you need some help with your CV? Attend this CV drop-in session to get some support from our Careers and Employability Service as you continue to work on your document.

If you’re thinking about getting a part-time job, come along to this session in Pilkington, Medway, to discuss options for part-time work and where you can look for opportunities.

Have you had your vaccines? There’s a free walk-in clinic in Senate, Canterbury campus, for free covid and/or flu vaccines.

Tuesday 30 January: Student Survival Guide and Employability Points Scheme

Open to all university students, A Student Survival Guide includes opportunities to learn about cooking on a budget, building positive relationships and partying safely, featuring ‘Commando Chef’ and Robbie White.

Find out more about applying for Rewards through the Employability Points scheme. This online session will explain the application process for applying for Rewards on the Employability Points scheme, including the timeline for advertisement of rewards, making applications, shortlisting and interviews.

Wednesday 31 January: Year In information sessions and PGR Yoga Writing Retreat

Are you interested in taking a ‘Year In’ a different subject? The Year In programme can be taken between stage 2 and stage 3 or after stage 3 of an undergraduate programme, and will appear on your degree transcript and in the title of the degree awarded, letting employers know about the additional skills and knowledge you have gained. On Wednesday there are Year In information sessions in Keynes, Canterbury, and online. There’s a Year In introduction event followed by subject specific sessions, so you can find out which Year In programme might be right for you.

If you’re a postgrad researcher, consider joining this Yoga and Writing Retreat in Cornwallis East, Canterbury. It’s a mix of guided yoga sessions with opportunities for you to get on with your writing in a relaxed setting.

Thursday 1 February: Trip to Huckleberry Farm, Pottery Session and LGBTBQ+ art exhibition

Do you live in on-campus accommodation and love cute animals? Join the ResLife Team on a trip to Huckleberry Farm where you can meet micro-pigs, miniature donkeys, teddy sheep, pygmy goats and alpacas! Book through the Home At Halls app.

Give pottery a go with Kent Union. They’ll provide the clay and tools so you can make a decorative object of your choice.

LGBT+ History Month begins on Thursday so why not head over to the KMMS Pear’s Building and take a look at the LGBTQ+ In Lockdown exhibition which showcases the experiences of LGTBQ+ students during the Covid- pandemic. The exhibition is a powerful reflection on identity, isolation and time experienced by so many LGBTQIA people during the pandemic.

Friday 2 February: Tai Chi (Medway) and Kent Community Oasis Garden volunteering

Give Tai Chi a go at The Hub and immerse yourself in the graceful and flowing movements of this ancient Chinese martial art, designed to promote harmony between mind, body, and spirit. Discover free Medway Move activities.

Consider volunteering at the Kent Community Oasis Garden (Kent COG), located near the end of Park Wood. Kent COG is a collection of students, staff and community members working to create a sustainability hub centred around growing food. Open sessions are Wednesdays and Fridays (10:00-14:00).

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  • If you’re a student looking to make strides in your academic and career goals, sign up for the Career Mentoring Scheme, which partners students with alumni who work in their chosen industry or sector.
  • Enter the Kent CyberAnything competition for your chance to win cash prizes. Tell a story through a photo, short video, essay, poem (or other media form) about living, learning and connecting in the cyber or cyber-physical world in the past, at present, and/or in the future.
  • Apply for i-teams – an innovative programme that allows Kent students to work in interdisciplinary teams, solving real-world problems and gaining valuable experience in a variety of fields. Apply by 23:59 on Monday 29 January.

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