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Are you looking to add value to your degree, develop your leadership skills and gain practical experience that stands out to future global employers? Look no further than the Global Officers’ Leadership Development (GOLD) Programme!

Join other like-minded students to make a positive impact on campus and enhance your global skills. As a Global Officer, you’ll work closely with the Dean & Director of Global and Lifelong Learning and other university staff to organise, develop and support globally-minded activities throughout the year.

But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what previous Global Officers have to say about their experience:

“The GOLD Programme was one of the best things that happened to me at university. I can only encourage participation in this splendid and unique opportunity! Personally, I would have never forgiven myself for missing out on it had I known about it and not applied!”

What does the course involve?

The course is made up of five compulsory components.

Component 1: Getting started

  • Identify your skillset and set your goals for the year
  • Attend a welcome session to learn about cultural intelligence (CQ) and build your intercultural awareness
  • Participate in a spring-term curriculum Internationalisation workshop

Component 2: Training workshops

Choose and attend a minimum of two out of five workshops covering intercultural awareness, sustainability, internationalisation, leadership in a global context, and event management.

Component 3: Internationalized student engagement

Engage in various projects and activities on campus, such as marketing and promotion projects, student media campaigns, campus tours and focus groups.

Component 4: Project and event planning

Collaborate with a team of Global Officers to plan and deliver regular events and activities based on your personal goals and interests, such as Global Hangouts and Sustainability Forums.

Component 5: Reflection and Employability Skills Assessment

Reflect on your progress and set future goals during an interactive group session.

“Not only will you gain crucial employability skills, but also make new friends and grow as a better person and a citizen of the world.”

Benefits of the GOLD Programme

By participating in the GOLD Programme, you’ll earn Employability Points, receive a certificate of recognition, obtain a personal reference from the Dean & Director of Global and Lifelong Learning, gain practical event management and leadership experience, and expand your network with like-minded individuals.

PLUS, you can record your international skills development in the Kent Global Passport!

“The GOLD Programme was a highlight of my time at Kent. The team leading the programme listened to all of our ideas and supported us throughout the year. I developed many transferable skills, gave back to the student community, and made many new friends.”

How do I apply?

If you are a committed, enthusiastic, reliable, organised and professional undergraduate interested in developing your global skills, head to the GOLD website and fill out the online application form.

Why not apply today? Applications are open from now until 9:00 on 11 October 2023.

Not only will you gain crucial employability skills, but also make new friends and grow as a better person and a citizen of the world.

Don’t miss out on this unique chance to become a global leader! Apply now and start your GOLD journey today!

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