Graduate and Researcher College Prizes

Graduate and Researcher College Prizes nominations deadline

The Graduate and Researcher College continues to recognise the excellence of its postgraduate researchers and the outstanding work carried out by academic and professional service staff in support of postgraduate research and education, through a series of GRC Prizes (first launched in 2018).

Staff and students are invited to nominate someone (or themselves) for one of the following prizes:

  • Director of Graduate Studies/Programme Academic Lead (Division/School/Centre)
  • Postgraduate Professional Service Champion
  • Postgraduate Researcher
  • Postgraduate Teacher
  • Research Degree Supervisor

Each of the prizes will be worth £500 which will be transferred to the winner’s school, centre or department for the use of:

  • Travel and subsistence in relation to research including conference fees, books, consumables, survey costs or any other cost that can be shown in relation to their research.
  • Staff development courses and related travel and subsistence costs.

See the GRC website to learn more about the awards and to nominate someone.