Evolving the new Kent brand

Since launching in September 2022, we’ve received lots of amazing feedback from staff, students and partners about our new Kent brand. It’s exciting, bold, ‘ambitious’ and really resonates with all our audiences. But we’ve only rolled out the first stage! It’s now time to focus on how we embrace and evolve the message for the next phase of Kent’s journey.

We’re excited to be working on the next step of our new brand. We’re generating a creative, memorable, and personalised campaign to make Kent stand out in the competitive market and appeal to students.

Our words have said the “what”, now we need to live and breath the “how” and “why” of the brand. We must contextualise ‘ambition’, explain it and, most of all, embody it. We need to shout about the University’s positioning in more diverse and exciting ways that will truly excite and inspire our audience.

We’re going to focus our new campaign’s purpose on building hype, excitement, and awareness for Kent as a University that is the home for ambitious, driven, and courageous students.

We’ve also got some brand updates that we are excited to share with you: