English language course launched at Ukraine’s Kherson State University

On Monday 3 October, the International Programmes team, part of Global and Lifelong Learning, launched a new 10-week pre-sessional English language course for staff and students at Kherson State University, Ukraine.

The pre-sessional English language course helps enhance students’ skills in academic reading, writing and critical thinking, while also helping them gain experience with using academic sources. These skills are invaluable for students looking to conduct further studies in English and helps prepare them for listening effectively in lectures and classes, and for taking notes. It also gives participants a chance to practice speaking in seminars and delivering academic presentations.

According to Anthony Manning, Director and Dean of Global and Lifelong Learning, “We are delighted to welcome the staff and students of KSU to our classes this term. The war in Ukraine has presented the KSU community with a wide range of challenges and our staff have been pleased to support in this small way. It’s inspirational to see how committed, determined, and positive staff and students at KSU remain, despite the obvious impact and unpredictability that their circumstances bring on a daily basis. I’m sure that we at Kent are learning just as much as our colleagues in Ukraine from collaborating in this way.”

Since the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine in February this year, the University of Kent has been supporting Ukrainians effected by the conflict in various ways but has also twinned with Kherson State University as part of a nation-wide initiative organised by UUK and Cormack Consultancy. The Twinning agreement allows our two universities to continue collaborating over the coming years to help Kherson colleagues continue to deliver educational programmes during the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Last month, as part of this agreement, the University of Kent successfully delivered 100 laptops and other equipment to Ukraine to support Kherson State, and we will be launching a new Think Kent for Kherson State lecture series in November.

You can find out more about our work to support Kherson State by reading our news story.