Sign up to Death in the Diner – a murder mystery event

In teams of up to 6,  work together to catch the killer in this interactive murder mystery event! Get together a team of your friends and colleagues for this brand new show in Mungos on the 20 & 21 May 2022. Get your tickets here!

Knickerbocker Gloria’s is the gaudiest American themed diner in town, known for their milkshakes, roller skates and cheap chips. There was nothing unusual about the hustle and bustle of the evening crowd until a piercing scream of “murder” rippled through the diner. The body found stabbed, bloody and covered in sprinkles, Gloria’s murderer can’t have gotten far… But can your team deduce what led to the Death in the Diner?

In this interactive murder mystery event your team will interview the murder’s suspects, examine the evidence and try to avoid the sneaky red herrings. Put your sleuthing skills to the test and work together to catch the killer.

Tickets are £42 and include a table for up to 6 people (£7 per person when the table is filled)

Food and drink are not included in the ticket but there will be a menu available and a bar at the event.

About the University of Kent Players

Founded in 2013 we are a theatre group made up of staff and friends of the University of Kent from all walks of life with a shared love for theatre. We are thrilled to be back in 2022 with an original production.

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