Wellbeing Wednesday: Postgraduate Support

We have lots of support on offer to postgraduate students to help you improve your wellbeing and make the most of your time at Kent.

Mental health support

Our team of mental health experts includes mental health advisers, counsellors and mentors, who can help you with issues such as stress, anxiety, depression and relationship difficulties.

We have a free and confidential counselling service where you can talk about whatever is troubling you or causing you emotional distress, even if it’s nothing to do with university.

Spectrum Life is available on weekdays from 20.00-8.00, weekends and bank holidays. They can work with you in getting initial support and help during your crisis and the University Student Support and Wellbeing teams will contact you on the next working day.

Kent students can access free, 24/7 online support for issues around mental health and wellbeing via Togetherall. They also have some great online workshops on topics such as assertiveness training, managing post traumatic stress disorder and managing OCD.

Postgraduate community

We have a strong postgraduate community at Kent. You can join the Postgraduate Network as a way to meet other postgrad students.

The Postgraduate Network also act as a voice for postgraduate students, working with the University and Kent Union to make positive change for students doing postgrad study.

Events for postgraduate students

We have lots wellbeing events which are open to all Kent students. Check out the Student Support and Wellbeing event calendar to browse events such as Student Mindfulness, University Community Choir and Wellbeing Café. 

If you’re a PhD student, consider signing up for the Reflect, Recover and Empower workshop on Tuesday 1 March. This workshop allows you to reflect on your pandemic experiences with an expert trainer who can offer practical tools for recovery and enhancing your wellbeing in the future.

Kent Compassion meditation group is run by postgraduate students. They meet every Thursday at Canterbury campus at 17.00 for a guided meditation followed by refreshments. An online meditation also takes place at 19.00 and is available to all. Email Stephen at sgm34@kent.ac.uk for more information. The Kent Compassion sessions are supported by the Postgraduate Community Experience Awards.

The Graduate and Researcher College (GRC) and Postgraduate Network run regular postgraduate coffee mornings to help you connect with other postgrad students, meet the GRC team and your PG Network representatives.

Places to study

Having a good working environment can aid your wellbeing. At our Canterbury campus we have the Postgraduate Study Hub in Senate building which is open 24/7 for postgrad students. As well as study spaces and PCs, it offers day lockers, a lounge area and a kitchen with fridge and microwave.

You can also book a free study carrel in the Templeman Library for the day, or if you require one longer time you can rent one out on a monthly or quarterly basis. Find out more about postgraduate study areas.

Postgraduate Open Events

Interested in postgraduate study at Kent? Book onto our Postgraduate Open Events:

  • Wednesday 23 February (online and in person)
  • Saturday 2 April (online and in person)