Equal Pay Audit 2022

The University has started work on a scheduled Equal Pay Audit. To make this representative of the University population, your help is needed to check and, if necessary, update your equality information on Staff Connect by Friday 4 February.

The audit will update and build on the picture we gained from the 2015 audit. Data will be analysed by gender, age, ethnicity and disability, and also include some intersectional analysis which examines the impact of overlapping protected characteristics on pay.  

This data is anonymised and in order to further protect confidentiality, low response numbers are masked and not reported on.  

A Working Group comprising Human Resources, EDI staff, Union and Staff Representatives is currently working on a scoping document which will be published in due course.

To update your data, visit the ‘My Details’ and ‘My Equality Info (Edit)’ tabs from the left hand dashboard on Staff Connect.