Careers support for your final year of Uni

The Careers and Employability Service is here to support you now, and for three years after you leave Kent.

Whether its finding internships and work experience, volunteering, or your dream graduate job, we are here for you – we can even help you with selecting postgraduate study options.

Book an appointment with a Careers Adviser

You can access our help through online or face-to-face appointments using our booking system, where you will find 15-minute Quick Advice appointments, 45-minute Careers Guidance appointments, or even practice interview slots for when you have a job interview lined up.

If you aren’t sure what you want to do after Kent, a Careers Guidance appointment will help you in making decisions and future plans.

If you just have a quick question, or would like a CV or application reviewed, a Quick Advice appointment is best.

Online resources

We also have a wide range of online resources that can help with achieving your next career goal.

We have an online CV reviewing system that can check your CV and even match it against a job description, giving you a real edge over other applicants.

If you haven’t got a CV, or think it might need a lot of work, we have some handy guides to CVs and applications.

We also have a practice interview system that will help you improve your video interview performance.

If you find yourself being invited for an assessment centre, you might want to check out our practice tests which give feedback on how you are performing.

Getting your dream job

We are here to help you navigate the graduate labour market, and provide access to vacancies, we have some helpful guides on working in different roles and sectors, or alternatively, you can find out what people go on to do that have studied the same subject as you.

You can also chat to one of our qualified advisers – no career question is too simple or complex.

Events and workshops

We also run a large number of events and workshops at which hundreds of employers every year come onto campus to give insight into the world of work.

This includes our sector themed weeks where we soon have charities and NGOs, Inspiring Women, Creative Industries and Science and Data.

Earn Employability Points

Don’t forget, that any activities that you do, are likely to give you Employability Points, which can help you gain work experience and internships.