A world without violence is possible. 16 days against gender-based violence. Consent. Get it. Fullstop.

Have you heard of the #ConsentGetIt campaign at Kent?

As the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence comes to an end, where are we as an institution?

Hopefully you will have noticed that lots of different staff and students from various teams and departments at the University of Kent all came together to declare their solidarity for the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence campaign. Most women who experience violence do so at the hands of a partner or potential partner. Eradicating violence against women means obtaining consent in all situations.

How is the University of Kent walking the walk on this issue? We have launched a sex-positive campaign to cultivate and strengthen a culture of consent in our community of staff and students. Everyone should be able to explore their sexuality with confidence, and we know that consent is key and necessary for all sexual activity. Getting consent might at first seem tricky so, we have created a consent webpage where you can learn about what consent is and read some tips on how to ensure you have it, and how you can give it clearly to your partner(s).

As a University and with the collaboration of Kent Union, we are actively working on making sure that we…

  • are transparent with you about our approach and response to sexual misconduct and harassment.
  • clearly inform you of the procedures, expectations, and actions taken within the university are.
  • give you all the information you need about the support we offer and how you can access it.

Check out our YouTube video on the launch of the Consent campaign at Kent:

Links mentioned in the video:

As part of our aim to be transparent with you and make sure you know where to get support, we have put together the following guides:

Will you help us put a full stop to sexual assault and misconduct? Join us in making our university the safest it can be – look up #ConsentGetIt on socials to see what activities are coming up soon.

Written by Filipa Paes, third year student, and Natalia Crisanti, Student Services staff 06.12.21