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Issues viewing your timetable?

We are aware of some technical issues which are stopping some of you from viewing your timetable.

We are sorry for this inconvenience and working hard to fix any issues and respond to your queries.

Here are a few things you can try yourself to fix the issue, as well as where you can go for help:

Log out and in again 

Try logging out of KentVision and log back in again.

Are you fully registered?

You must be fully registered on your modules for your personal timetable to show. Please check you have enough module credits in KentVision. If you think module registrations are missing please speak with your Division.

8am slots

Classes which appear on the timetable at 8am are recorded and can be viewed at any time in Moodle. You are not expected to do this at any particular time of day and so do not represent a clash on your timetable. They are conveniently placed on your timetable to help you pace your studies through the week with other taught content.

Timetable clashes

See above about 8am slots. For clashes at other times please consult with your Division.

If you are missing classes, studying remotely or have a question about group allocations, please speak to your Division. 

Issues with Ical feed

Information Services are looking into problems some students are having with the ical feed. Please use the KentVision timetable while they fix this.

Spring term queries

The timetable for spring is yet to be completed and is subject to change. It will be released later in the autumn term.