Students taking part in Professional Practice MSc

Master’s Course in Professional Practice

Article from the Digital and Lifelong Learning team:

We would love to tell you about our Master’s course in Professional Practice, run within the Department of Digital and Lifelong Learning. Over the past decade we have had a fair number of colleagues who have decided to study with us. We currently have individuals investigating succession planning/change management and the management of exams within the University and it is a great way of recording and reflecting the momentous changes that we as a learning community are currently navigating.

The course is a standard 180 Credit Master’s degree but spread over three years (two 30 credit modules a year, with a 60 credit dissertation module in the final year). This allows participants to balance home, work and study. The course is unique in that you make your work your study and your study your work as the focus of all the modules is your professional role within the University.  Modules are taught over two extended weekends (Friday-Sunday). There are no exams as all the modules have final assessment which involves a short presentation followed by a written work-based assignment. As a member of staff doing a part time University of Kent course, you are entitled to 50% fee remission – this means you get a Masters qualification for half the price. In addition, if you currently hold level 7 credits and/or experience this can be APECL-able.


After a couple of induction days, you will start the Evidence Based Practice module on 24-26 September, with the second weekend being held on the 5-7 November. This module explores the nature of information used to answer work-based/practice-led questions and develops critical thinking,

In January, you will move on to study the Learning and Development module. Here, you will explore the way we learn as professionals,  which as you know is totally different from learning at school or college. The module runs on 21-23 January and 11-13 March 2022.

Successfully passing the first year, you have a PgCert in Professional Practice. You then start on the 2nd year, which begins with an optional module and continues with a module to develop skills and prepare your research proposal in readiness for the final year.

Modules and Assessment

You can find out more about the programme content on our Professional Practice webpages. If you would like to arrange an informal chat, please email and we will arrange a time to meet with you on a one-to-one basis.

You can also learn more about the course at a drop-in session run by Dr Anne-Maria Brennan  on Wednesday 28 July between 12.00 and 14.00. Please click here to join the session.