We need you! Clearing 2021

From Simone Davies, Director of MORA: 

As we head into Confirmation and Clearing I wanted to give you an update on how important this will be for us this year, the approach we will be taking and how you can help make Clearing 2021 a success. 

In terms of context we are going to be more reliant on gaining students through Clearing this year than we were last year, confirmation has a shorter window and Clearing itself has been brought forward. Therefore we need to have simple but highly efficient processes for both confirmation and the issuing of Clearing offers. We also need to be cognisant of the fact that we are still operating during a pandemic. 

For us to succeed and to be in a position to welcome students to the university we need a lot of help and support from everyone; particularly around Clearing offer making, staffing the Hotline and making calls to prospective students.  

Last year we moved confirmation online and that was really successful – so we will be doing the same this year. We’ve streamlined the process a bit more which means there won’t be a need for double checking actions. For this to work effectively our tariff needs to be a simple as possible. We will again be working on a points-based tariff, whilst maintaining any grades that are mandatory. As in previous years, we will contact Divisions about any student who falls outside the pre-agreed tariff.  

During Clearing offer making will be immediate and managed, in the main, centrally, with follow-up calls being made by academics within the Divisions. We need to take an ‘all hands on-deck’ approach to Clearing. We are going to be delivering this almost all virtually and are working on a wide number of contingencies to ensure smooth delivery.   

Last year, UCAS introduced Clearing Plus, this worked very well for some subjects and we are keen to replicate that success – to do that we need adequate resource and knowledge at a subject level. Divisional Marketing Managers (MREMs) will be coordinating this across Divisions 

If you’re able to help, particularly on Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 August, and you’re not already on a Clearing rota please get in touch with Laetitia Gullett via schoolsliaison@kent.ac.uk.

Full training will be given and, for anyone who hasn’t done it before, it is a really rewarding experience. You will have full support and supervisors are on hand to help at all times. 

Thank you for all your help and support with Clearing. 


Simone Davies | Director of MORA