Code First for girls

Launch of the Expect Respect module

Here at Kent, we want to make sure everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Therefore, we have taken a few proactive steps to ensure you are well informed and know about the support available. Next Monday we are launching the Expect Respect module.

The Expect Respect module is a compulsory module for all registered students at the University of Kent, regardless of what you are studying or whether you are an undergraduate and postgraduate student.

The module outlines the behaviours we expect of you whilst you are with us as well as what you can expect from both the University and Kent Union (your Student Union), and also digs deep into issues of racism, bias, sexual harassment and consent. It challenges you to think about your own behaviour, the way you interact with others and the impact this could be having on someone else’s experience.

The module will also make you aware of how to report any incidents to the University so that you, or the student affected can access the right support, and will also make you aware of the wide range of different support services available to you depending on your needs.

You can find the Expect Respect module on Moodle (code DP6636) – you should be automatically enrolled but if you have any issues please get in contact with Becky Lamyman on