Medway campus

Medway Festival of Learning and Teaching

Bookings are now open for the sixth annual Medway Festival of Learning and Teaching hosted by the Universities at Medway. This year the focus is ‘Creative and Inclusive Assessment and Feedback’

The Festival is taking place virtually via Microsoft Teams on Thursday 10 September from 9.15 to 13.10, with the  Keynote speakers being Professors Debbie Hollie and Ann Quinney. To register a place for this event please visit the Medway festival website.

About the Festival

The Medway Festival of Learning and Teaching is co-jointly organised by the Universities of Greenwich, Kent and Canterbury Christ Church who share the Medway campus.

The Festival aims to share, celebrate and promote their practice to benefit all students studying on the Medway campus. It is a consistently strong theme that runs through the sector and is a priority for all three universities and their partner colleges.

As in previous Medway Festivals, the event enables the Universities to reflect on their own development needs and career aspirations as they start the new academic year. Attending or presenting at the event can help colleagues to evidence professional development or maintain ‘good standing’ for Advance HE (formerly HEA).