Covid-19 update – overseas travel

Restrictions on travel for University purposes are still in effect and have not been relaxed.

Whilst the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) may have relaxed restrictions on travel from 4 July 2020, the University still regards any and all international travel – even to countries that have relaxed travel restrictions by the FCO – as high risk and not to be booked where at all possible or avoidable. This is particularly relevant to undergraduate and PGT students. 

If staff or PGR students have external funding for essential travel, they should be able to travel as long as the FCO is not advising against travel, the trip is supported by a completed risk assessment and is insured through Kent’s Insurance Office. Staff should be aware that FCO guidance is liable to change at very short notice. 

There may be some internally funded travel needed to prepare some grant applications with other universities. This should be at the discretion of the Divisions. 

The process staff and PGR students should follow when booking essential travel is:

  1. Review the University’s updated Travel Policy and complete the enclosed Travel Exceptions form confirming the essential nature of travel and that external funding is available
  2. Complete the relevant online Overseas Travel Risk Assessment form
  3. Register for the University’s travel insurance using the form here.

It is not recommended that you book travel using any personal funds as this is at your own risk and any expense claims may not be authorised if you travel contrary to University advice. 

This travel advice is being reviewed on a regular basis. For latest updates on travel and other FAQs on Covid-19, see our staff webpages.