Online Learning at Kent: A Guide to Successful Study Online

A new online learning resource is now available for both new and returning students.

Available in Moodle, the Online Learning at Kent: A Guide to Successful Study Online module has been created by the University’s E-Learning team to help students get the very best out of online learning. The module has been designed as the student-focused companion to the staff module Digitally Enhanced Education – A Guide to Teaching Online which has been very well received.

Many of our students will be unfamiliar with online learning and may be anxious about how their modules will be delivered in the coming academic year. All current students will be familiar with Moodle and KentPlayer, but may wish to know what the online experience will be like and how these, and other, tools will be used to support online delivery.

The Online Learning at Kent module is designed to help with this transition and to enable all students to familiarise themselves with both the technologies that they will use as part of their studies and the types of online and interactive activities they are likely experience. More importantly, it will enable students to be able to do the right things to gain the most benefit from online learning.

The module is not solely focused on technology; there is an emphasis on digital accessibility and how students can engage with resources to suit their needs and use the available content their own way. The module highlights how to stay safe and work smart online, and features contributions from various parts of the University, including Student Support and Wellbeing, Information Services, Kent Union and the Library.

The transition to online is challenging for both staff and students and so it is hoped that, regardless of discipline or stage, this module will support all of our students so that they can be successful in their studies and make the most of this unique experience.

All students will see the Online Learning at Kent module in their modules list on Moodle 2020.