Rest days for staff

The University appreciates that this is a difficult time for all staff as we respond to the significant challenges presented by Covid-19. In recognition of this, and to provide some much needed time for recuperation, our Executive Group may, from time to time, grant additional rest days. The latest of these were announced this week and, for most of us, will be taken on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 July.

These rest days are fully paid and are in addition to annual leave. We want you to spend some time away from work with your families and to look after your own wellbeing. Please talk to your manager who will facilitate and coordinate requests for taking these days off.

Wherever possible, the rest day should be taken on the designated day, or in the designated week. However, to retain flexibility and accommodate as many staff as possible, especially those providing essential services on campus, individuals can agree with their line manager to take the rest day on another day within two weeks of the original date.

If you work part-time, you will receive a day’s leave regardless of the number of hours you work. If the designated day is on a day you don’t normally work, you can agree a suitable day with your line manager within two weeks of the original date.

It is important that academic staff take a break from work too so, if you are not taking annual leave during the vacation and working normally, you should take the rest day.

Rest days will not apply for staff employed on timesheet contracts who generally work a limited number of hours each week. However, if you are working full-time on a timesheet contract, please enter a rest day on your timesheet and you will be paid for this. You will also need to agree the day off with your manager.

The rest days are an ad-hoc thank you from the University to let you know how much your efforts are appreciated and there are no plans to make them a regular feature.

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For further information, including who’s eligible for the rest days, see the FAQs on the HR webpages.