A man's having physiotherapy on his back

Help is available with Kent Sport Physiotherapy Clinic

Don’t suffer in silence. Kent Sport Physiotherapy Clinic is available for any of your aches and pains with our free initial online consultations.

Some may think that an online consultation is not worthwhile due to the lack of manual therapy, but there are still lots of benefits to be gained from them. Here is a list of some of the injuries and problems we have been able to help people with:

•       Shoulder and neck pain due to different work station positions

•       Elbow and wrist pain due to extra gardening time

•       Elbow and wrist pain due to more computer work

•       Patella tendon flare ups due to increased running volumes in lock down

•       Marathon runners concerned about how to maintain fitness

•       Shin splints and medial tibial stress syndrome

Not all injuries have been treatable through online consultations, however, using assessment tools in different ways has helped narrow down a potential diagnosis such as an ACL tear, meniscal tear and FAI and led to referrals and scans to the appropriate people.

Vicky helped me with my shoulder pain and repetitive strain by asking questions around the topic and learning that it also related to my neck. With the help of the exercises she gave me, plus a follow-up appointment, I have a toolkit to ward off these problems in future.

– Sandra Virgo

During lockdown, there has been expanding waiting lists and having that referral letter written by a physiotherapist to send to the GP could help with being referred for a scan or further treatment.

The Kent Sport Physiotherapy Clinic is still offering free initial 20-minute online or telephone consultations with Vicky Annis, lead Physiotherapist. Consultations are open to all, whether you have used the clinic previously or not; and whether you are a student or staff member at the University of Kent or from the wider community. To book, please email: physio@kent.ac.uk.