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Microsoft Delve has replaced the Online Directory

Announcing the retirement of the Online Directory and its replacement Microsoft Delve. 

On 1 June 2020 the University of Kent Online Directory was replaced by Microsoft Delve.

Microsoft Delve is our primary tool to find University staff and student contact information. Delve is part of the Office 365 suite, and so the information is available in Outlook, Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 tools as well as Delve.

How to access Delve

Delve, part of Office 365

Some of the benefits of Delve:

  • It links up staff contacts information with our organisational chart so you can see where people fit into the organisation
  • You can search for job roles or teams if you don’t know a person’s name
  • It shows you which shared documents you have access to, in relation to the contact you’re searching for

You can update your Delve profile:

  • Change contact details such as your phone number
  • Add extra information about what you do

If you need to update the name you’re known as, log into Staff Connect to edit your personal details in there. This will update your profile in both Delve and Staff Connect.

Why we’re replacing the Online Directory

We want to benefit from the extra functionality and integration that Microsoft Delve offers us. This has become available at the same time that we need to replace the Online Directory (which in its current form it uses older technology that won’t be supported externally from July 2020).