Philosophy student in Business Start-Up Journey success

Philosophy and Politics student Alan Gurung has won £1000 in the Business Start-Up Journey pitching finals.

The School of European Culture and Languages would like to congratulate final year student Alan Gurung who has won £1000 with a business proposal for bringing empty high street shops back into use.

A virtual pitching final saw four student start-ups share the prize money in this year’s Business Start-Up Journey. Measures to combat the current Covid-19 pandemic meant the programme’s usual Dragons Den format had to switch to a virtual contest, with students pre-recording their pitches for submission to the judges. The businesses were scored in categories including sustainability, scaleability, innovation and financial viability.

When asked how his philosophy degree helps him with his entrepreneurial activities, Alan said: “In Philosophy, I am constantly contested on my critical analysis skills forcing me to be meticulous in my reasoning for debates, disputes and essays. Therefore, when articulating my entrepreneurial ideas, through force of habit from my degree, I format the ideas in a logical pattern so that I show that I have understood the market, I have validated a need/problem, and I have come up with a solution that I can argue is needed within that market.”

“Alan’s project to convert unused commercial property for multi-purpose hubs is an excellent example of how philosophical thinking can be critical, innovative, and practical,” said Dr Todd Mei, Head of the Department of Philosophy, “It is no easy feat to grasp the reasons why commercial property remains empty in many places and how productive use of such spaces can move beyond motives of money-making, towards practices that are ethically accountable and economically beneficial. A great project for contributory justice!”