Industrial action

Industrial action – January 2020 update

Since the start of the year, talks have continued between UCU and UCEA in an attempt to find a resolution to the current industrial action. UCEA have now made a series of proposals that address the specific issues of pay and working conditions. These will be considered by UCU at a meeting being held today (30 January) and we will provide a further update shortly after.

The proposals set out a series of expectations on individual universities on the three non-pay areas of dispute: workload, gender and ethnicity pay and casual employment. The position on pay remains unchanged.

The University welcomes the proposals put forward at national level and believes that, although considerable work has already taken place in these areas at Kent, there is further work to do at sector-level.

You can read more about the proposals here:

UCEA press release 28 January 2020

UCU briefing 28 January 2020

You can also find regular updates on our Industrial Action webpages.