Kent Sport Member stories

Kent Sport member stories: inspirational triumphs

As we start a new year looking forward to how we can be successful within ourselves, we also take inspiration in those around us. We each choose to be successful in certain areas of our lives whether it’s in our studies, work or extracurricular activities.

In 2019, we spoke to four individuals who shared their fitness journey with Kent Sport. From injuries to championships to getting back to sport, each person’s story relayed how they enriched their lives further through sport and fitness.

Rebecca Barton-Hagger
Kent Sport scholar – Karate
Rebecca Barton-Hagger’s story is all about her journey through the karate world and her time at the University of Kent. She’s gone far and wide to gain her international reputation within karate. View her story here.

Oliver Daws
Kent Sport scholar – Golf
After suffering a traumatic injury, Oliver has endeavoured to keep his sporting career moving forward. View his story here.

Shun Chang
From Let’s Play to Premium Plus member
Shun Chang was a frequent Let’s Play participant that wanted more from his university experience. View his story here.

Patrick Stillman
Kent Sport scholar – Fencing
Discovering fencing at a fairly young age, Patrick Stillman has made the most out of his university experience by juggling his studies and his passion for sport. View his story here.

Share your journey with us
Whatever your triumphs are, share your fitness journey with Kent Sport – we want to hear it all!
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