Medway Elf Day- over £200 raised for Alzheimer’s Society

Thank you so much to everyone that donated on Friday for Elf day.  A special thanks to those staff and students who got dressed up, it was great to see you get involved and support this worthy cause.  We raised just over £200 on Friday for Alzheimer’s Society!

Lee Mongtomery dressed up as Elf for Elf Day

The winner of the Elf cake was Jane Glew, it was cut up and shared with staff and students.

The winners of the sweepstake are as follows:

Guess the number of elves – answer was 359 elves – Debbie Worthington was the closest with her guess of 371.

Guess the name of the elf – Lucy Hale won with the name Elfie McElfie-face

Elf advent game – Graham Hartland

All 3 donated their winnings back to the pot.

Thank you once again for supporting this College event.