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Printer retirements from Monday 2 December

If you use the new print copy scan service, you don’t need to read this!

We’ll be retiring some of our older print servers from next week which will mean that any printers that rely on them will stop working.

Check whether it will affect you
To check whether a printer you use will be affected, please follow the steps below.

  1. Using your University computer, click Start and type Printers
  2. Open Printers & scanners
  3. Review the name of your printer to check whether its printer name includes the words Staffprinting, Valient or Printserver2 – for example, a printer named Jimi would show as jimi on staffprinting

There are around 150 printers that still use these older servers (Staffprinting, Valient and Printserver2), which need to be retired for security reasons.

The ‘switch off’ timetable
-Monday 2 December – any printers that haven’t been active for a month will be disabled
-Monday 9 December – the remaining printers will be disabled

If your printer is affected and you want to keep it
Please contact James Thompson explaining why it’s needed, the full name of the printer, its location (building and room), and your contact details.

Your request will be reviewed and a decision made about whether to move the printer onto a new print server, replace it with a new printer or remove it from service, as appropriate.