Patricia Novillo-Corvalan

Patricia Novillo-Corvalan talks ‘Institutions of World Literature’

Dr Patricia Novillo-Corvalan, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Comparative Literature, was invited to speak at the ‘Institutions of World Literature’ workshop in London on Tuesday 29 October.

This workshop investigated the twin processes of institutionalisation and internationalisation of literary studies. What was the relationship between them in different nations and at different times? What is the influence of migration and international collaboration in the institutionalisation of letters in a national context? How are theories of world literature shaped by institutional histories? And how can sociological approaches, in particular Bourdieu’s field theory, help us navigate these questions? We aim to discuss these issues in a comparative and global context. This event is part of the TORCH Global South Fellowship scheme.

Patricia says: “The workshop created a productive dialogue between the global North and the global South, a dynamic exchange made possible through the interaction of truly transnational research networks. These transcontinental multilingual dialogues enabled the recovery of neglected literary histories, especially by situating global South spaces at the foreground of these debates, creating meaningful interactions that can overcome the homogenising and monolingual tendencies of world literature approaches”.

Patricia will also be holding another workshop on ‘Modernism and Translation: A Workshop’ at the University of York on Friday 22 November.