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Extension to the Brexit deadline

The granting of another extension to the Brexit deadline means that the UK will not leave the EU on 31 October.  The University’s Brexit Working Group, led by Professor Jeremy Carrette, Dean for Europe, will continue to monitor the situation.

Professor Carrette said: ‘As Parliamentary discussions continue, we will ensure that the interests of students and staff remain at the forefront of any planning. While much of our immediate activity has been contingency planning in case of a no-deal scenario, we have also been looking to the longer-term impact of Brexit and continue to seek clarification on areas of pressing concern such as mobility, fees, travel arrangements and access to research funding.

‘Whatever the final outcome, Kent will remain an outward-looking university, proud of its European centres and its  European collaborations. We will also continue to support staff and students during this uncertain time.’

The Brexit webpages will be kept updated with new information as soon as it is available.

Discount on sports massage appointments- Medway Park

Students and staff at Kent can now receive 25% discount on Sports Massage only appointments. Discounted prices are £15 for 1 hour, or £10 for 30 minutes.

Second and third year Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation students, under the supervision of vastly experienced therapists, provide the services at the University of Kent’s Sports Ready Clinic.

Through the use of state-of-the-art equipment and innovative techniques, you can reduce your pain and aid your recovery time within the following services:

– Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation (diagnose, provide treatment and an exercise plan for a specific injury or pain, not just sporting injuries!).

– Injury Prevention (reduce your risk of injury)

– Sports Massage only

– Alter-G (Anti-Gravity Treadmill) session only

Non-Discounted Prices are £20 for one hour or £15 for 30 minutes.

Discounts are available for Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation, Injury Prevention and Alter-G sessions:

-FREE for University of Kent Sport and Exercise Sciences (SSES) staff & students.

-50% discount for University of Kent staff & students (non SSES).

-25% discount for family of University of Kent staff & students.

-25% discount for University of Kent Alumni.

To book please contact the Sports Ready Clinic, Medway Park below.

Phone: 01634 888137          Email:

Book Online or visit the Sports Ready clinic webpage.

students sat in seminar room with speaker at front

Careers in the Public Sector panel

Interested in a career that’s rewarding and makes a difference? Hear from leading public sector employers, including Kent alumni, who work within Government, public bodies and local government. They’ll share their career backgrounds, experiences of working within the public sector and career tips, followed by a Q&A.


– Martin Parr, Principal Consultant, DSTL
– Amy Perkins, Assistant Parliamentary Counsel, Cabinet Office
– Perry Holmes, Chief Legal Officer, Medway Council
– Daniel Pollitt, Project Manager, Network Rail
– Paul Smart, Former Senior Government Policy Maker, Scottish Government

The event will take place on Wednesday 6 November, 14.00 in Grimond LT3.

Book your free place

Person wearing VR headset in green room

£3m redevelopment of engineering and design facilities

The School of Engineering and Digital Arts is delighted to announce the undertaking of a £3 million redevelopment and modernisation of engineering and design facilities, due for completion in July 2020.

This includes an engineering workshop and fabrication facilities, a dedicated makerspace for innovation, collaboration and the development of practical skills, a virtual reality suite, production studio (including photography, video and green screen facilities) and a large teaching and design studio.

These changes will deliver modern and advanced teaching and research facilities supporting all Engineering, Design and Digital Arts subjects.

Professor Farzin Deravi, Head of School, commented ‘Our new facilities will provide a creative environment, encouraging critical thinking and the development of practical skills, essential to a future career in Engineering and Design in the twenty-first century‘.

closeup of hands typing on laptop with data analysis work on screen

Stats Desk: 25 years of statistical consultancy

Stats Desk, the University’s statistical consultancy service, is the longest-running help service on campus. It began on 1 April 1994 as a three month trial!

Run by the SMSAS Statistics group, the service is free of charge and is supported by the Unit for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (UELT).

The core users of the service are postgraduate students undertaking research projects and who need some “quants” advice. Stats Desk can also assist academic colleagues, and the supervisors of research students are welcome to come along to appointments.

Undergraduate students wanting help with coursework should instead use the Maths and Stats clinic run by SLAS.

Find out more about the statistics consultancy service

Dr Rocio von Jungenfeld wins the BCS AI Award

Congratulations to Dr Rocio von Jungenfeld, Lecturer in Digital Media at the School of Engineering and Digital Arts on winning the BCS AI Award at The Lumen Prize awards in London on 24 October. The BCS AI Award is conferred for excellence in the use of some form of artificial intelligence to produce an outstanding piece of art.

Her project – Lichtsuchende – was a collaboration with Dave Murray-Rust (University of Edinburgh). The project can be accessed at the Lumen Prize website.

The Lumen Prize for Art and Technology celebrates the very best art created with technology through a global competition, exhibitions and events worldwide.

Photo credit: Chris Scott @chrisdonia

Alice in Wonderland

Book now for Alice in Wonderland – 29-30 November

Do you think that your life is becoming ‘curiouser and curiouser’? Some days, do you feel almost two miles high and others only nine inches tall? Does life seem to be one long Caucus Race and have found yourself believing ‘…as many as six impossible things before breakfast.’? Then take a trip down the rabbit hole and enjoy the madness that is Alice in Wonderland – the latest production by the University of Kent Players Radio Theatre.

Taking place at Mungo’s in Eliot College on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 November 2019, this production is the latest in the Player’s radio-style productions following the success of The Philadelphia Story, The Scarlet Pimpernel and The Maltese Falcon. The performances will recreate the entire radio drama experience – from actors performing various parts to a live foley team creating sound effects using an array of household objects and of course, a special appearance from our sound effects door!

To add to the fun, we are encouraging the audience to wear Alice-themed fancy dress or to be the epitome of elegance in evening dress. Mungo’s will be serving food from 6-7.45pm and the bar will serve drinks both before and after the performance (but not during), so you can come along and make a night of it!

Tickets are £6.50 for general admission and £6.00 for concessions, and are available online at Eventbrite.

Keep up-to-date with the University of Kent Players on Facebook or Twitter.

The dominant infant microbiota member Bifidobacterium

Wain Medal Lecture 2019

Harnessing our microbial ‘Guardians of the Gut’ is the title of the Wain Medal Lecture 2019, on Wednesday 30 October at 17.00. The lecture will be given by Dr Lindsay J Hall, Microbiome Group Leader & Wellcome Trust Investigator for Norwich-based Quadram Institute Bioscience.

The human microbiome has emerged as a central player in human health and wellbeing; modulating our immune system, providing resistance to pathogenic microbes, and helping to digest the food that we eat. Importantly, birth and the first 1000 days represents a critical developmental window in which microbes and their human host ‘communicate’, laying the foundations for lifelong health.

It is now recognised that disturbing this fledgling microbial ecosystem has both short- and long-term consequences such as increased risk of infection, allergy, and chronic inflammatory diseases. Thus, understanding the factors that modulate the microbiome during the first stages of life, during pregnancy, and in infancy, is a key research focus.

In this Wain Medal lecture, Dr Hall will discuss the important roles the microbiome plays, particularly during early life, including recent clinical work relating to beneficially modulating the preterm infant microbiome, and our mechanistic studies using model systems to determine mode-of-action for specific microbiota members (ie Bifidobacterium), with a key focus on developing novel live biotherapeutics for improving infant health.

The lecture will take place in Woolf Lecture Theatre on Canterbury campus. Admission is free and open to all.

Picture shows: The dominant infant microbiota member Bifidobacterium.

Canterbury Horrorfest 2019

Horrorfest 2019 is the first of an annual Halloween tradition here in Canterbury. Setting the table for an All Hallows Eve feast for years to come. A festive carnival of ever-changing horrific tricks and treats.

To begin the tradition this year CSRfm are hosting the very first Horrorfest event: a comedy murder mystery radio production called “DeadAir”. It will be an interactive experience, with listeners being able to call, text and get involved through CSRfm’s social media to figure out the identity of the murderer as the show progresses.

The first scene is laid in CSR’s Studio Red as a few presenters attempt to put on a live Halloween special, only it all goes wrong when the first thing they see is Derek dead on their freshly hoovered studio floor. Follow them as they become ‘secret’ murder detectives and hopelessly and hilariously fail to keep the ever-growing number of deaths a secret from the authorities, all whilst not at all keeping calm and carrying on…

All main actors are current CSRfm presenters with featured guest roles by past show guests and a special interview with Dr. Michael Goodrum, Senior Lecturer of History and Superhero and Gothic Horror Specialist at Canterbury Christ Church University.

The show will air on CSRfm and 97.4fm on Halloween between 9am to 6pm.

Afterwards there will be a special creative hour after the show between 6pm and 7pm featuring local poets, spoken word artists and story tellers, such as: Sam Tate, Henry Maddicott, Alys Parsons, Thomas Cleary, Alex Brand, Claudia Volpe and Isabella Poretsis.

25 Year Lunch

The annual 25 Year Lunch, hosted by the Vice-Chancellor, was held in the Beagle Restaurant on Thursday, 17 October.

The lunch celebrates and recognises the contribution each staff member has made over the years at the University.  In recognition of their time at Kent invitees can choose to receive a gift (we work in partnership with Fenwicks) which will be presented to them by the Vice-Chancellor or, they can opt to have a donation made to a Charity of their choice.

Eight members of staff attended to celebrate and, although the gathering was smaller than usual, the Beagle Restaurant was the perfect venue and a thoroughly enjoyable time was held by all.