Professor Sophia Labadi

Sophia Labadi publishes The Cultural Turn in International Aid

Professor Sophia Labadi, Professor of Heritage in the Department of Classical and Archaeological Studies, has published a book entitled The Cultural Turn in International Aid. This volume analyses a wide and comprehensive range of issues related to culture and international aid in a critical and constructive manner.

Assessing why international aid is provided for cultural projects, rather than for other causes, the book also considers whether and how donor-funded cultural projects can address global challenges, including post-conflict recovery, building peace and security, strengthening resilience, or promoting human rights.

With contributions from experts around the globe, the volume critically assesses the impact of international aid, including the diverse power relations and inequalities it creates, and the interests it serves at international, national and local levels. The book also considers projects that have failed and analyses the reasons for their failure, drawing out lessons learnt and considering what could be done better in the future.

Professor Labadi says that ‘this an important book not only for the academic debate on international aid, but also for any funder interested in funding cultural project’.