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Would you like more holiday time?

The University is offering a one-off opportunity for staff to purchase one week (pro rata for part-time staff) of additional leave which can be taken between July 2019 and June 2020.

The cost of buying the leave is the same as the reduction in salary would be for taking unpaid leave, but the advantage is that the cost is deducted from salary over 12 months, thereby spreading the cost throughout the year. Pension contributions are not affected.

The facility is available to professional service staff in grades 1 to 10 and professional and senior management staff, holding full-time or part-time contracts of employment either on an open-ended or fixed-term basis. Unfortunately, due to either contractual or operational constraints, some groups of staff are excluded from applying for this facility.

Full details of the facility can be found on the HR webpages.

This facility is mutually beneficial to both staff and the University by providing additional flexibility for employees whilst generating savings for the University through the deduction of salary.

Applications to purchase the additional leave, and requests to book the leave, are made through Staff Connect. Guidance on how to do this is available via Staff Connect. Scroll down to Additional Leave (purchased).