Professor Read co-organises International Conference in Turin

Professor Peter Read is co-organising an International Conference, Métamorphoses d’Apollinaire, this autumn at the University of Turin and the Museum of Modern Art, Turin. The conference, running on 22-23 October 2018, marks the centenary of the death of French war-poet and art critic Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918) and will bring together speakers from France, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Switzerland, UK and USA.

The conference will also include the opening of an exhibition on Picasso and his circle at Turin’s Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and a professional performance of Apollinaire’s “surrealist drama” The Breasts of Tiresias, first published in 1918,  at Turin’s Teatro Stabile. Peter is co-organising the conference with Professor Franca Bruera (University of Turin) and Professor Laurence Campa (University of Paris X-Nanterre). The conference is co-sponsored by the Centre for Modern European Literature, University of Kent.