Wain Medal Lecture- 10 October

The theme of this year’s Wain Medal Lecture is Coming Up for Air: How Plants Sense and Respond to Floods.

The lecture will be given by Dr Emily Flashman, Department of Chemistry, from the University of Oxford, on Wednesday 10 October from 17.00 in Woolf College.

The lecture will focus on how plants regulate flood-survival responses and how her lab has uncovered the key role of the Plant Cysteine Oxidases.

Dr Flashman will talk about the potential for improving flood tolerance by manipulating these responses and will present her group’s recent structural and functional work which aims to find ways to genetically modify the Plant Cysteine Oxidases as a way to achieve this.

The University of Kent established an annual Wain Medal Lecture and Award as a result of a generous endowment from the family of the late Professor Louis Wain CBE, FRS.

Admission to the lecture is free and open to all.