Readinglists@kent and Readinglists@medway rollover 2017

All 2017/18 reading lists are now available for you to edit and publish.

Editing your list early gives us the best chance of delivering your teaching and learning resources for 2017/18.

Don’t forget:

– Make sure you edit the 2017/18 version of the list.
– The 2017/18 version of your list will not automatically appear in your ‘My Lists’ drop down, you can add the new list by clicking Add to My Lists in the top right corner of the 2017/18 list.
– Is it ‘core’ reading? Make sure you set the importance, as that tells us how many books to order.
– You need to publish your list so we know which books to order and how many you need.
– You need to publish your list to make it visible to your students, even if you haven’t made any changes.

Help and support:

Watch our short video tutorials to help you create, edit and publish reading lists.

Need further support? Contact