Car park closures for Kent Union events

Car park closures will take place to allow for the following Kent Union events:

Kent Union annual event – Party in the Car Park
Giles Lane Pink and Blue Zone car parks will be closed from 23:00hrs Saturday 28 May and reopened on Monday 6 June 2016.
Monkswell Pink Zone car park will be closed from 23:00hrs Friday 3 June and reopen on Sunday 5 June 2016.

Kent Union Woodys annual summer event- Woodysfest
Blue Zone car park outside Woodys, 14 spaces, will be closed from 23:00 hrs Thursday 26 May and reopen on Wednesday 1 June 2016.

Please remember, that it is likely that other car parks in the centre of campus may be full and we advise you to consider alternative means of transport, where possible. As per the Traffic Regulations we do not guarantee a space to park, however there is normally parking available in Park Wood, remember parking bays are available next to the Park Wood accommodation.

Pink permit holders – can continue to use all other Pink and Blue zone car parks.
Blue permit holders – can continue to use all other Blue Zone car parks which will include rear of the Sports Centre, Park Wood courts, Oaks and the Pavilion

We recommend that you consider allowing for the additional time that may be required to travel to and from Park Wood. Pedestrian signs within Park Wood Courts will inform you of the average time required to walk to the main campus. Alternatively, you can use the Park and Ride bus ticket that was sent with your parking permit to travel to and from Park Wood and central campus.

Parking enforcement will continue in accordance with the University Regulations for the Management of Traffic.