KentOne card – 5% discount

The KentOne card is your University ID. You can use it as a cashless purchasing card for a quick, easy and safe way to buy food and drink from our award-winning catering outlets on both the Canterbury and Medway campuses.

Every time you use it, we give you a 5% discount at the till.

For a list of places you can use your card, where you will receive your 5% discount, to top up online and frequently asked questions, visit KentOne card.

Why use your KentOne card:

  • Saves you money – every time you use it, we give you an exclusive 5% discount.
  • Safe and secure – instead of carrying round cash, top up your card online and if you lose it, the balance will be transferred over to a replacement card.
  • Saves you time – get through the tills quicker than by using debit or credit cards.

Where to use your KentOne card: 

You can claim your 5% discount at 12 different University catering outlets across the Canterbury and Medway campuses.

Your KentOne card also provides services such as:

  • accessing specific areas of the University;
  • borrowing books from the Templeman Library (Canterbury campus);
  • gaining entry to the exam halls and participating in student elections;
  • purchasing books and stationery items as Blackwell’s bookshop on the Canterbury campus;
  • and if you have catering package, this will be added to your KentOne card.

How to use your KentOne card:

First, visit KentOne card to login to your account, using your Kent email address and set up a password. Here you can top up your card, review your purchases and check your balance.
Parents / guardians can also have a separate login to top up your card online.
Paying for items is quick and easy, just hand it over at the till.