Anna Katharina Schaffner in the TLS

An article by Dr Anna Katharina Schaffner, Reader in the Department of Comparative Literature, features on the front cover of this week’s Times Literary Supplement (TLS), published today, 21 August 2015, and is the lead article in the editorial.

The article, entitled ‘Our Sweet Tooth’, is an extended review of The Oxford Companion to Sugar and Sweets (OUP, 2015), edited by Darra Goldstein, which compiles work from historians, chemists, restaurateurs and neuroscientists, to explore sweets and sweetness from a variety of different perspectives.

‘It appears that our predilection for sweetness is, like the incest taboo, a cross-cultural phenomenon, and that it is ubiquitous and, in all likelihood, innate,’ explains Anna in the article.

Read the piece online, pages 10-12.