University brings major international conference to London

Professor Jiangzhou Wang of the Communications Research Group in the School of Engineering and Digital Arts has been leading the organization of the 2015 International Conference on Communications (ICC) which takes place in London, from 8th to 12th June.  ICC is one of the flagship conferences of the Communications Society, one of the largest societies in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the largest professional technical association in the world.  The London edition of this important conference, features an extensive programme of events for academic researchers and industry attendees.  It is expected that well over 2,000 people will attend.

The technical programme has been led by Dr Nathan Gomes, who is one of the two Technical Program Chairs, and it attracted record numbers of paper submissions (over 3,300), with some 1,280 papers being accepted.  Workshops attracted a further approx. 1,250 paper submissions, of which nearly 500 will be presented.  Nathan says “We believe that we have the busiest and most vibrant programme ever put together for a Communications Society conference.  Not only are we expecting record numbers of papers to be presented and record numbers of attendees, but there are excellent industry panel sessions, and a new Chief Technology Officers forum, which are sure to generate incredible interest”.

Dr Huiling Zhu, also of the Communications Research Group, and Dr Cyril Isenberg have been heavily involved in the local organisation.  “We have a fabulous venue for the conference banquet”, says Huiling, “the Pavilion in the Moat at the Tower of London, being greeted by Beefeaters, and being given a short tour of the Tower – this will undoubtedly please our international guests!”

ICC 2015 is being held in the International Conference Centre at ExCeL: