Acousmatic Transcendence: A Feast of Diffusion

Acousmatic Transcendence: A Feast of Diffusion is a series of events taking place in three consecutive days (14-16 May 2015) comprising spatial sound workshops and concerts. The events bring together two sound diffusion systems (from the University of Kent and Vienna) that amount to 65 loudspeakers.

The project Acousmatic Transcendence aims to develop alternative sound diffusion setups and to firmly establish the relation between the two sound systems: MAAST (Music and Audio Arts Sound Theatre; from the University of Kent) and EAP Acousmonium (from Vienna). Combinations of systems are extremely rare and have not been deliberately done to see the implications of such mixtures; software and hardware synergies will bring interesting starting points for exploitation of the systems and spatial exploration. The MAAST/Acousmonium combination system will take full advantage of the spatial acoustics of the Slip 3 Mezzanine at Chatham Historic Dockyard, and will choreograph the sounds in the architectural space, making the actual building an integral part of the performed works. There is a strong emphasis on the use of technology and the acousmatic experience, i.e. listening without necessarily seeing an originating source or cause of sounds.

Aki Pasoulas, Director of MAAST (Music and Audio Arts Sound Theatre)
Thomas Gorbach, Director of The Acousmatic Project V