Study tips for week 14

Here are some top study tips from the Student Learning Advisory Service (SLAS) for week 14 (26 Jan – 1 Feb).

Tip 1: Can you find it?

Always file away notes and study materials promptly. Make this a daily habit. Any time spent looking for things is wasted time! You need to be able to access all your study materials quickly and accurately. Find out about time management and planning.

Tip 2: Dip in – don’t read everything on the bibliography

Focus your reading on what you need. Look for ammunition for your assignment and don’t panic about all the books you haven’t read. Be selective – choose books wisely: what do you really need for this particular piece of work? Look for hints and tips in the assignment topic, and look out for books recommended by tutors, course handouts, other books, and so on. Pick up additional tips at the SLAS workshop.